“April Fool’s Gem” by Liz Verschuur


Book Review:

When Liz Verschuur decided to raise a horse, she had no idea that she would end up with a friend for life. Throughout this interesting and uplifting story, Liz Verschuur tells about the trials and tribulations of raising a young horse. – Max R

“A 40 Degree Celsius Christmas” by Scott Wallace


Book Review:

When Mr. Wallace was a boy, he lived in Guyana. In this interesting story about life in another country, Mr. Wallace tells about his childhood in South America, from when he accidentally ran over an anaconda, to his family celebrating Christmas at 40˚ Celsius. – Max R

“The Two Coyotes” by Rick Joe


Book Review:

 When the young coyote gets in trouble, the grandfather coyote says “I am a coyote, and you are another one.” In this comedic First Nations legend, Rick Joe tells the story of the young coyote who learns that just because his friends do something bad, it doesn’t mean that he needs to do it too. – Max R


Coyote Tales for Children by Susan Strauss
The Black Fox By Betsy Byars


“Days on the Farm” by ‘Auntie’ Yvonne Sandau


Book Review:

Before Yvonne Sandau met her husband, she had no idea that she would move from her home in England to a farm in Winnipeg. In her hilarious story about scary pigs, grumpy ponies, and a goat that thought it was a dog, Yvonne Sandau tells about the years when she lived on a farm. – Max R

“The Day My Wife Was Treed By a Bear” by John Coles

Book Review:

When John Coles went hiking one day, he had no idea that in a few hours time he would end up saving his wife from being eaten by a bear. In this unusual and exciting story, John tells in great detail about the day his wife got treed by a bear. – Max R

“Proud to be a Canadian” by Patty Tyson

Book Review:

When Patty Tyson went to Haiti to help children who had been affected by the earthquake, she had no idea that her passport would save her life. In this educational story of Patty’s firsthand experience of the Haiti earthquake, Patti Tyson states that she is proud to be a Canadian.

Literacy Connections: 
Haiti Earthquake Explained:
    On January 12, 2010 Haiti was struck by a magnitude 7 earthquake, causing widespread devastation. The earthquake’s epicenter
was about 10 miles from Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital city. Many countries, including Canada, immediately
organized disaster response teams to help those injured, missing, or dead as a result of the quake.  The quake
destroyed houses, schools, hospitals, and even the National Palace in Port-au-Prince.  Almost a year later, the city is still without
enough food, medical supplies, clean water, and shelters to adequately care for its citizens.
Canadian Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities:

Hope For Haiti by Jesse Watson – Link

Earthquake in Haiti by Miriam Aronin – Link


“Remembrance… Pass It On!” by Angus Haggarty

Book Review:

While World War II was raging, Angus Haggarty was going through childhood despite the air-raids and fear happening in his small town. In this inspirational Remembrance Day story about his childhood during the war, Angus talks about how lucky our generation is to not have to experience the terror of war.

Literacy Connections

The United Nations was founded in 1942 after World War II to wars between countries. One of the smaller organizations
within the United Nations is called United Nations Children’s Fund or UNICEF for short. UNICEF is responsible for creating
and maintaining the Rights Of The Child.


“A World of Opportunities” by Brad Hagkull

Book Review:

Before Brad Hagkull went for his trip to the Phillippines, he didn’t always take every new opportunity he got. But as he explains in his story, there is a world of opportunities out there, as long as you are brave enough to take them.

“Even Big People Cry” by Sharon Gaetz

Book Review:

When Sharon Gaetz’s daughter died, Sharon didn’t know how she could feel happy again. But when she started to try to be happier, she started to feel better about the whole situation. In this tragic and yet inspiring story, Sharon explains how no matter how upset you are, after crying for a while, you nearly always feel better. – Max R

“Hard Work Really Does Pay Off” by Matt Auerback

Book Review:

Hockey trainer Matt Auerbach had to work for years before he got to work for the Chilliwack Bruins, but with lots of hard work, he finally achieved his goal. In this inspiring story, Matt explains how if you work at something for long enough, you always achieve it.

“A must-read for all hockey fans!
-Mr. Skinnee and co., publishers