“Trevor’s Scare Story.” by Trevor


Book Review:

In this story, a prefect day is disrupted by a rouge dog on an unknown mission.  Trevor tells the story of how he ended up bruised and bloodied while walking his dog.

“My Dad’s Funniest” by Madelaine


Book Review:

Madelaine tells a story about some of her Dad’s misadventures as a young man.  A story with themes of friendship, ingenuity, and creativity.  If you like short stories with a common theme, then this is an excellent book to check out.

“Summer Trouble!” By Clara

Book Review:

Does your mind ever get the better of you in difficult situations? Set on beautiful Cowichan Lake on Vancouver Island, Clara tells a thrilling story of desperation with a hint of humor and a positive outcome. Her message at the end is clear and one we can all learn from.  A must read!

“Meeting Friends On The Roof” By Scott Markey


Book Review:

Scott tells a story centered around lifelong friendship, which is filled with themes and life lessons that all students can benefit from.  This story comes to you from the heights of Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.  Along the way, there are scary moments, sacrifices to be made, and an overwhelming appreciation for the journey above the final destination.



“A Picnic To Remember” by Jim Servizi

Book Review:

Mr. Servizi tells a heartwarming childhood story with a twist.  His story involves a day out with siblings, a ferry ride,  some memorable moments berry picking, and a life-long connection to a loving aunt.  A must read!

“Little Douglas Lake Fishing Adventure” – Steve Enns

Fishing Adventure_SteveEnns from Mr Lister on Vimeo.

“Who Would Put That On A Cupcake?” by Jason M

Jason M Book Cover

“Indoor Playgrounds Have It In For Me” by Nigel

Nigel Book Cover

“Saving Seagulls” by Brian Minter

Brian Minter Book Cover









Brian Minter began sharing his passion for plants with British Columbia’s gardners when, in 1970, he and his wife Faye purchased Country Garden Store, a garden shop that had been part of Chilliwack’s community since 1957. In 1977, the Minters discovered a piece of land nestled beneath Mt. Cheam and by 1980, that passion for plants was transformed into 32-acre, world-famous Minter Gardens.

Brian, a University of British Columbia graduate (BA) and Master Gardener, quickly became BC’s go-to garden expert through his experience at both the garden centre and the display gardens. As such, he has hosted countless radio and television shows, is a frequent gardening columnist and is the author of Canadian Best Seller, ‘Brian Minter’s New Gardening Guide – Fresh Approaches for Canadian Gardeners’.

Brian and Faye are co-owners of Minter Country Garden Store and operate it along with their family.


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Minter Gardens


Santa Catalina Island, California

“Different Is Good” by Inez Jasper

Inez Living Library Book Cover







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Inez Biography:

Inez Jasper is an award winning Pop artist with powerhouse talent and universal appeal. As one of Canada’s top Aboriginal musicians, her blending of traditional native sounds with a love for contemporary Pop music brings the best of her culture to the mainstream world.

When Inez Jasper lets loose on stage you can’t help but see she has the pipes, the moves and the drive to become a genuine superstar. It’s a dream of hers, she says, one she hopes make a reality with her new album, “Burn Me Down”, set for release in August 2013.

The 2009 release of her first solo album, “Singsoulgirl” garnered a lot of attention, noteably taking home four Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards for Best Album Cover, Best New Artist, Best Pop Album, and Single of the Year. Later the album was also nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award and a Juno. Inez has performed for the live broadcast of the 2009 & 2010 Aboriginal People’s Choice awards, 2010 & 2012 Aboriginal Day Live! , and 2012 Indspire Awards. She has been featured on CBC Radio, Winnipeg’s “Streetz FM” and has hosted the television show, “First Tracks” on APTN for 3 consecutive years.

But though you may be tempted at first listen to attach the prefix ‘Pop star’ to Jasper’s name and call it a day but there’s far more to her than that. She’s also a registered nurse, mother of 2 and a nationally recognized role model; as dedicated to realizing her own dreams as she is to inspiring others to reach for theirs. An artist whose ability to interpret the music she sings through the lens of her own life and experience is compelling in an industry filled with manufactured pop stars.
Despite all the attention, she maintains an endearing humility and commitment to inspiring youth. Inez travels extensively to urban centers and indigenous communities to share inspirational messages of higher learning and healthy living. “I love to connect with my fans and share my story with them. My favorite workshops are Healthy Sexuality and Health Careers but that’s just because I’m a nurse!”

Inez Jasper is coming to a community near you by airwaves, stage and speakers. Are you ready?



Skowkale First Nation, Chilliwack

Sto:lo Nation, Chilliwack

Registered Nurses in BC

Learn Aboriginal Languages

Listen to Inez’s music here