“Hard Work Really Does Pay Off” by Matt Auerback

Book Review:

Hockey trainer Matt Auerbach had to work for years before he got to work for the Chilliwack Bruins, but with lots of hard work, he finally achieved his goal. In this inspiring story, Matt explains how if you work at something for long enough, you always achieve it.

“A must-read for all hockey fans!
-Mr. Skinnee and co., publishers

“My Brother’s Crazy Dream” by Dave Vegt

Book Review:

When Dave’s brother started thrashing around in his tent in Prince George, British Columbia, Dave had no idea what was going on. In this hilarious story, by Dave Vegt, there are many quirky elements, including a mistakenly identified rodent, and a couple of very strange dreams. – Max R

“The Day I Lost My Leg” by John Bartel


Book Review:

“When John Bartel lost his leg in a farm accident, he had no idea how he would cope with having to re-learn how to do all the things he formerly enjoyed doing; but with trial and tribulation, he managed to do the things he enjoyed again. This uplifting story about learning to cope with disabilities is a must-read for all ages.Two thumbs up!” – Max R

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