My Dad’s Funniest by Madelaine


Book Review:

Madelaine tells a story about some of her Dad’s misadventures as a young man.  A story with themes of friendship, ingenuity, and creativity.  If you like short stories with a common theme, then this is an excellent book to check out.

2 thoughts on “My Dad’s Funniest by Madelaine

  1. I enjoyed your story. My favourite part was when for some reason your dad stuffed clothes in his pants. This is my favourite part because the randomness of it. My connection to your living book is that my dad has had misadventures too. Nothing in specific comes to mind though. I enjoyed your four stories. They all had an equal amount of funniness. I won’t forget this story.


  2. I liked your story because it a bunch of different stories in it. My favourite part was when your dad put the cloths in their pants. I thought that part was a little funny. A connection I had was that I have a dad too but he isn’t that funny and he hasn’t told me any funny stories. I liked the part where there were 3 kids stacked up on each other. I also thought that was funny. I learned that you shouldn’t do donuts with kids in the future.


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