“Meeting Friends On The Roof” By Scott Markey


Book Review:

Scott tells a story centered around lifelong friendship, which is filled with themes and life lessons that all students can benefit from.  This story comes to you from the heights of Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.  Along the way, there are scary moments, sacrifices to be made, and an overwhelming appreciation for the journey above the final destination.



“The Joys of Travelling” by David Short

Book Review:

David Short has always enjoyed traveling. But he’s never liked traveling with a tour guide or on planned excursions. He likes to travel on foot, train, car, and bike. He has adventures that are so exciting from climbing the Pyramids in Egypt to capturing snakes in a jar in Libia.  You will love listening to his adventures! Read about this, and you will be inspired to travel in a new way! – Kiera and Levi

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