“My Brother’s Crazy Dream” by Dave Vegt



Book Review:

When Dave’s brother started thrashing around in his tent in Prince George, British Columbia, Dave had no idea what was going on. In this hilarious story, by Dave Vegt, there are many quirky elements, including a mistakenly identified rodent, and a couple of very strange dreams. – Max R

6 thoughts on ““My Brother’s Crazy Dream” by Dave Vegt

  1. I thought my brother’ crazy dream ,was funny. I thought it was funny when David’s brothen Wes grubbing and shaking his hand. to death. He Wes shaking his hand he thousht it was shaking his haub because he thought it was hand-sized rat.


  2. Hey Dave, it is Lincoln, that was pretty funny. I do not laugh much but that did make me laugh. See you twomarow, I think twomarow.


  3. I thought my brothers crazy dream was funny when Jonathan thought his hand was a rodent!!


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