Remembrance… Pass It On! by Angus Haggarty

Book Review:

While World War II was raging, Angus Haggarty was going through childhood despite the air-raids and fear happening in his small town. In this inspirational Remembrance Day story about his childhood during the war, Angus talks about how lucky our generation is to not have to experience the terror of war.

Literacy Connections

The United Nations was founded in 1942 after World War II to wars between countries. One of the smaller organizations
within the United Nations is called United Nations Children’s Fund or UNICEF for short. UNICEF is responsible for creating
and maintaining the Rights Of The Child.


5 thoughts on “Remembrance… Pass It On! by Angus Haggarty

  1. This story was great. I really apprecitate what everyone did for us. Was it scary being a child during the war? I would be freaked out! But my favourite part were when you said that us,the kids, are the leaders of this generation. Were you ever in the war? I really hope that we don’t have any more wars in Canada and everywhere in the world. Thank You for sharing your Story.


  2. My two favourite parts of the story were when you told us how you were in school and you had to wear gasmasks.Also when you said your school was camouflage, thats cool except that you guys prayed that you would’nt get killed.My second favourite thing was when you told us how you had a torpedo factory on your island. Why would you guys have a torpedo factory on your island anyway?.By the way, thanks for the story, it was scary and happy.Bye.


  3. The story was good. It would be scary for you to have to leave the school cause of bombs. I can’t imagin a life without icecream. Did anyone die in your town? Was it hard to get up in the middle of the night? Was there a copon for veggies and fruit?


  4. My favourite part of the story was when you told us how you had to wear gasmasks. That would of being scary.I am thankfull that i and some kids were not in the war.I am thankfull for the food, clothes, health and a house.I wish all people had the stuff we all have.this might be my second comment because i cant find my other one.Isn’t it nice that we have a country that we don’t have to worry about war?


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