Everyone Has A Story To Tell


Here at the Living Library, we believe that everyone has a story to tell.  That’s why we’re inviting you to pull up a comfortable chair and a hot drink, as you check-out and enjoy our collection of living books.

Oral story telling has been practiced for centuries in many cultures.  For many of those cultures, such as the indigenous people, it is how traditions and beliefs are passed on to the next generation.  Sadly, this cultural gift of language is slowly beginning to diminish.  Our Living Library is an attempt at breathing life back into the gift of oral language by recognizing, maybe for the first time, that EVERYONE has a story to tell.

This project is meant to be shared with others! Bookmark this site and come back here often to check-out our most recent Living Books.

“In all corners of the globe, storytelling is a longstanding tradition with significance that’s lost on no one.  It’s vital to preserving culture.  It speaks of moments of pride.  It speaks of moments of injustice.  It offers an opportunity to learn.  Most importantly, it inspires us to create change for the future.”        

 – Craig Kielburger and Marc Kielburger


3 thoughts on “Everyone Has A Story To Tell

  1. Thanks Steve for coming in our class room and told your story to us and I like the part when you said the bear was shiny .


  2. I love how you put a lot of details in it.it tricked me how you said fishing trip.but it was a bear that you saw.


  3. My favourite part of your story is when you said that you were sitting on the dock minding your own business. This was my favourite part because it made me happy because I love it people stay out of each other’s business and do not ask you about your personal life or your private life. My connection is when we were in my Oma’s pool one summer and my brother was on the ladder and he saw me coming and he would not hurry up so I just pushed him off of the ladder and he just did a belly flop into the water. I think your book was interesting. My question is did your dad ask you why you were in the lake.


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